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Preparation: Bedrooms

Getting a good night of rest is so important when you're traveling. As a host, you should strive to make this as easy as possible for your guests. In this post, I'm going to share with you all a big ole list of things we purchased for our Airbnb bedrooms.

First of all, unless I am buying from Facebook Marketplace and have to make an instantaneous decision, I am not a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" shopper. RE: I literally mulled over which mattress protector to buy to the point it was excruciatingly painful. Point being, you can trust I did my research, crosschecked reviews, and have carefully selected the following items, should you be in the market to stock an upcoming rental or guest bedroom.

Bed Essentials

  • King or queen mattress with a quality mattress protector - This mattress is the real deal for a steal. We have legit received multiple compliments on how comfortable it is. We purchased a mattress protector (one that doesn't make noise or feel like plastic) to keep it in pristine condition.

  • Bed frame - Pros: I love how simple this frame was for me to assemble (and by me, I mean Chad) and that box springs aren't needed to support the mattress. Con: I'll admit that I love an upholstered headboard as much as the next girl. If I would have found a great headboard on FB Marketplace, I would have swooped it up in a heartbeat and purchased this simple platform frame for the mattress (we have purchased this for a bed in a different rental).

  • Quilts - We currently have duvet covers on the Airbnb beds, but when we purchase our next property and do this all over again, I am going to get quilts. Washing duvet covers every time is just NOT fun.

  • Pillows with pillow protectors - Invest in good quality pillows for your guests, and be sure you get pillow protectors to spare them from stains. Nobody wants to take off their pillowcase to reveal you've provided them with drool-covered pillows... gahhhh, gross.

  • White sheets - These sheets have almost 200,000 reviews. We bleach them every single time, and they're holding up well. After our own fancy Hotel Collection sheets ended up with holes, these are actually the sheets we use on our own bed, too. They're so cheap you can replace them whenever you feel like it's time for new bedding.

Nightstand Essentials

  • Sound Machines - One might call me a sound machine snob. Having a baby? You MUST get the Hatch sound machine - there's nothing better for drowning out sound and helping your baby sleep. Need a sound machine for a rental? While I used to recommend the Dohm, their new models just are not loud enough. I now suggest the LectroFan.

  • Lamps - Get one for each nightstand. On that note, make sure you have two nightstands. If the room is small, get creative. Pinterest has tons of ideas!

  • Phone outlets/ Extension cords - Your guests want to charge their phones. Make it easy! If there aren't outlets easily accessible by the bed, provide extension cords.

Work from Home Essentials

  • Desk - If 2020 taught us anything about jobs, it's that a lot of them can be performed from home. This has led to a major increase in employers allowing their employees to work remotely. You can expect to get more bookings by providing a comfortable space for your guests. We found our desk on Facebook Marketplace and threw on some cute knobs from Home Goods.

  • Chair - This desk chair is comfortable and the perfect size for a small desk.

  • Lamps - Be sure to add a lamp to the desk. Nobody looks good on Zoom when they're lurking in the shadows. Creepy.


  • Rugs - I purchased all of our rugs on Amazon and Wayfair. They're all Safavieh brand and have held up nicely. I chose this brand because the patterns are a little bit more 'wild', which I hope will hide stains. Fingers crossed -it's working for now! :)

  • Dressers - If the bedroom has extra space, you might consider adding a dresser. However, let it be known that I asked many friends about this beforehand and nobody said they even use the dressers provided. It's more important for people to have hangers for their clothes and a place to put their suitcase than it is to have a dresser.

  • Steamer - Wrinkled bedding and/or curtains just don't look great. A quick handheld steamer fixes its so fast. Love this one.

  • Hangers in the closet - While I prefer thin velvet hangers for my own closet, I suggest wooden hangers for rentals. They're durable and people aren't as likely to be looking to maximize their closet space when they're visiting for a short time.

  • Flowers - Whether you do this every time or just for photos, stop by Trader Joes for cheap flowers.

  • Throw blankets - We purchased a handful of cute and cozy blankets from Home Goods.

  • Baskets for towels - I picked up the baskets below at TJ Maxx. I think they add an extra element of hospitality.

  • Towels - We purchased all of our bath towels from Costco. This brand expands and is extra luxurious. This isn't a time to get cutesy -- get white towels so you can bleach them! We leave some in a basket on each bed and some in the bathroom. In the baskets we place two body towels, a hand towel, and one makeup washcloth (trust me on the makeup clothes) in each basket. White washcloths are rolled in the shower, and extra towels of all sizes are in the bathroom closet.

  • Books - Goodwill!! I went to Goodwill and purchased a bunch of dollar books with hideous and outdated paper covers on them. My only criteria was that the books had cute covers under the paper. I used them to add visual interest all over the apartment.

  • Faux plants - Let's be honest, your guests won't be watering your plants for you.

  • Bench for sitting or placing suitcase - This can go at the end of the bed, under a window, or in the closet.

What am I missing? Drop me a line so I can add it!! :) And don't forget to check out what you'll need for your living room, entryway, and kitchen.

Sample Bedroom 1

Sample Bedroom 2



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