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Preparation: Front Door + Entryway

We've decided the best way to share about the process of preparing a unit to be a short term rental is by walking you through the unit, room by room. Today, we're going to feature what your guests first see upon arrival: the front door and entryway.

Welcome to your home, for as long as you're here.


From our own personal experiences as Airbnb guests, being able to arrive at a property and not be expected to meet the owner is KEY. During a global pandemic, 100%, but this is a convenience guests appreciate all the time. As a family with two young kiddos, I can tell you that it's a deal breaker for us if we need to arrange a check-in time.

  1. Who knows what time we will actually arrive somewhere. Will we stop 1 time during our commute? 18 times? There's really no telling. Please do not make me tell you what time we'll arrive.

  2. What state will the kids be in upon arrival? Will everyone be starving and crying? Maybe there will be dirty diapers that need changed. Or perhaps, by the grace of God, everyone will be super jolly. Regardless, we aren't looking to add any more chaos to our lives. We just want to unlock the door with ease and get settled. For that reason, we suggest investing in keyless entry.

Here's the wireless lock we purchased: Schlage Connect Smart


Having a security camera at the front of your building is helpful for multiple reasons.

  1. If you have contactless check-in, this will help to know when your guests arrive without nagging them.

  2. You can keep track of who is staying at your property. Assuming you have a set limit on guests and have indicated your property is not available for events, you can easily ensure house rules are being followed.

  3. It's an extra set of eyes!

We've used a variety of different security cameras, but thanks to Black Friday, we scooped up the Ring Peep Hole camera for our Charleston Airbnb at a relatively cheap price. It was really easy to install and is free to access using the Ring app.

Let's head indoors.
  • Coat Hooks - Having somewhere to hang keys, coats, purses, etc. will help your guests feel organized during their stay.

  • No Shoes Sign, a Bench with Cozy Pillows, and a Rug - Want to keep your place clean by having guests remove their shoes? Hang a polite sign with your request, create an inviting place to sit while removing shoes, and include a rug for wiping/storing. BONUS: If you get a storage bench, it's the perfect place to keep extra blankets, pillows, etc.

  • Welcome Book/House Manual - I created our welcome book using the online photo site, Mixbook. I printed a copy of it to store on a cute easel and am also providing a digital link when I contact guests prior to their arrival. Inside the book, I included all logistical information (check-in/check-out times, parking instructions, house rules, etc.) as well as fun recommendations for exploring the city.

  • Eats, Drinks, and a Personalized Card - We've decided to craft handwritten welcome cards (using adorable stationary) to welcome our guests. Someone did this for us while we were traveling this summer, and it felt really nice. Additionally, we will be providing our guests local brews, a bottle of wine, and light breakfast items (someone once left us orange juice, muffins, and fruit - it was a great touch).

You will also see a mirror, bar cart, and other miscellaneous décor items. Many of these were items we had in our own home that we repurposed for the Airbnb. Because our unit does not have designated outdoor space, we tried to bring the outside in by adding items that reflect light and lots of faux plants (because really, who has time to make sure real plants are surviving in their rental property)?



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