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Upstairs Reveal: Bathroom

If you're just catching up on what in the world is going on in our lives, Chad and I purchased a fixer upper duplex this summer, and now that it is completely renovated we are slowly sharing some of the befores and afters. Today, let's check out the bathroom.

Oh, hey there 80's. It's hard to believe 3 girls shared this space before we purchased it. How in the world did they fit all of their things in that little cabinet?

Chad did the entire bathroom demo on his own, which saved us a lot of money, but it was not easy labor. As you can tell, there was a ton of work to be done. While I wasn't in there knocking down the tub, I can tell you that it was insanely heavy to carry everything outside to dispose. That's the part they breeze over on HGTV. It's like, "Look at this out dated bathroom" ::hammer hammer... scene change:: "Ta-Da! It's time for the designer to add the finishing touches." No ma'am, it does not go like that. It's hours and hours of very hard work.

Once the rigorous demo was complete, the plumber came to install the tub and rough-in the plumbing. Then, we had the shower and floor tiled. Lastly, the vanity and hardware got installed, and we called back the plumber to get everything plumbed.

Below is the updated bathroom. We splurged on some things (the vanity - it's as gorgeous as it is spacious), but cut corners on others (the lights, faucets, not installing a glass shower door, etc. were lower cost items, because ultimately this is going to be a rental property). What was most important to us was ensuring the space had ample storage for 3 people, because it is a 3 bedroom unit.



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