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How to Visualize a Space with Canva

Prepare Images

First, you will need to save images of what you'd like to use in the room. For example: wallpaper, nightstands, a bed, a plant, etc. Then, you will need to remove the backgrounds from these images.

1. Download each image to your computer. (Note: This is a picture of a nightstand I purchased on Facebook Marketplace, but I could have easily downloaded a photo from Target or wherever I was purchasing my furniture.)

2. Go to the website and click "Upload Image"

3. Click download to download the new image with a transparent background

4. Repeat with all of your furniture items

Visualizing a Room on Canva

Let me start by saying there are probably a hundred different ways of doing this, but Canva is a program I am familiar with from my years of work in education.

1. Create an account at

2. Click Template >> Posters >> Blank

3. Click Uploads >> Upload media

4. Drag and drop your furniture to the canvas, shrinking it to the appropriate size as needed

Tip: You will also need to click on images and move them forward and backward as needed

Here's a short clip of me visualizing a new Airbnb bedroom!



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