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Duplex 2 - Exterior Vision Board

We have officially closed on the duplex next door! Today, we're breaking down our plans and vision for the property.

Because the property is fully occupied at the time and we are honoring current leases, we will be beginning with all exterior work.

Order of Operations

  • Stump Grinding and Backyard Cleanup

  • Build new retaining wall

  • Replace roof

  • Repair foundation

  • Powerwash house/replace rotted siding boards

  • Repair stairs

  • Paint exterior

  • Build fence/gate

  • Update porch ceilings

  • Landscape and hardscape

  • Powerwash stairs

Current Retaining Wall

The current retaining wall is a brick and stucco wall that is crumbling. The garden bed is filled with overgrown landscaping and weeds.

Future Retaining Wall

The new retaining wall will be block stucco with light colored bricks capping the top. The garden bed will be filled with tropical plants and palms.

Current Exterior:

The current exterior is painted aqua blue with some areas of wood rot. There are two large porches just screaming for TLC.

Exterior Vision:

The siding will be repaired and the exterior will be painted a warm white. The exterior doors will be beautiful hardwood, which will match the tongue and groove boards on the porch ceilings. Light fixtures will be replaced and fans will be added. Bright green ferns will add a pop of color.

Follow long at @thewalestales on Instagram to see the progress as it unfolds!



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