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A Decade Later...

Ten years ago, our life together began. No, it's not when we got married... but it's when we decided to do this thing called life together. It seems both like yesterday and lifetimes ago. Maybe that's because when I look back on the past decade, it feels like we've packed multiple lifetimes into ten years.

  • We’ve been...

    • wild and free in downtown Chicago

    • young professionals in San Francisco

    • newlyweds/landlords back in Chicago

    • new parents in Ann Arbor

    • and parents x 2/real estate investors in Charleston

  • We've celebrated life, love, and friendship at numerous weddings, baby showers, festivals, and reunions.

  • We've walked hand-in-hand as we've shed tears in emergency rooms, nursing homes, and at funerals.

  • We’ve earned a few degrees, held almost a dozen jobs, traveled all over, purchased a bunch of different properties, became Mr. and Mrs., puppy parents, AND Momma and Dada.

Reflecting on the past 10 years, all I can say is DAMN... "That's something to be proud of. That's a life you can hang your hat on." -Montgomery Gentry

I love looking back on where we've been, am super proud of where we are, and am excited about what's to come. In my opinion, that's how it should be. In order to grow and evolve, we should be looking forward and allowing ourselves to dream bigger and want more from this one precious life we are given.

If you asked me 10 years ago where I hoped and dreamed I would be today, I probably would have said married with kids, living in a bougie single family house in Lincoln Park, and teaching downtown. And ya know what, that would have been a BOMB life. If I was in Chicago right now, I could eat Pequods for dinner, Sweet Mandy Bs for dessert, and hit up Lincoln Park Zoo afterward, so I am not knocking that dream whatsoever. But, my goals and aspirations have evolved with time. So while I fricken LOVED being a classroom teacher, the second I got the itch to move forward, I did. I earned my Masters in Ed Tech and became an Instructional Technology Specialist. And I fricken loved that season of my life, too! But again, when I felt the nudge to move on from that, I did.

That's the JOY of life. You're in control! The second you're unhappy with where you are or what you're doing, make a change. Fill each season of your life to the brim with whatever it is that brings you the most joy at that time, and let each season run its course. When it's time to welcome the next season of your life, you'll know it. Smile, and open your arms for what is next.

So on this ninth day of April, as I give a nod to the past ten years, I am also looking forward to the next ten years. Last night, Chad and I talked about what April 9th, 2031 would look like if we set and achieved very lofty goals.

In ten years, our goal is to have reached financial freedom thanks to...

  • a handful of short term and long term rentals that run on autopilot

  • a successful course that runs on autopilot

  • a partnership with or ownership of a business that runs on autopilot

  • a generous stock portfolio

In ten years, our goal is to own a home in Old Village or on Sullivan's Island that is filled with the happy sounds of 2 or 3 children giggling. We envision starting our mornings slowly: coffee on the porch (decaf for me, thanks) and watching the kiddos play with the dog in the backyard. We envision taking the golf cart to breakfast, checking in on our properties/businesses as necessary, and investing the great majority of the day in ourselves and our family: kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga at the beach, and scrubbing the catamaran as we prepare to set sail for the summer. Dream big, y'all.

"Anticipation is the key to happiness." -Chad Michael Wales

That's what Chad always says, so I thought I would give credit where credit is due.

Chad, being your wife has been one heck of a ride, and I wouldn’t change one second of this adventure in life, love, partnership, and parenthood for the world. Cheers to the next 10.



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